Step into our listening booth and discover what established writers, new writers and our winners have to say about getting your words out there.

Voices to be heard

Isabel Ashdown, author and poetry award winner: how The Bridport Prize helped kick-start her writing career.


Zad El Bacha, Novel Award Winner: the ups and downs of writing.


Kathy Fish, Flash Fiction supremo: how Flash Fiction demands our attention.


Monique Roffey, bestselling Novelist: why she loved being one of our judges.


Tim Pears, Short Story writer: the future of creative writing is safe in your hands.


Hilary Taylor, Flash Fiction winner: what’s it like to win?!


Felicity Pepper, one of our Short Story winners: why put your words out there?


Freya Bantiff, Young Writer Award winner: how ADHD helps inspire creativity.


Inua Ellams, Poet: why he struggled to pick a Poetry winner.

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