Your parents were right. It’s not just about winning.

Yet one writer confessed how every lunch time he’d walk into the large High Street book shop and pick up piles of entry forms for their annual writing competition to stuff in a drawer once he was back in the office. It was a desperate attempt at preventing other writers from submitting work.

It shows the lengths (some) writers will go to in their quest to win. And that writing is a lonely business.

That’s where competitions can be a lifeline.

Competitions give you a deadline, a reason for writing and chance to dream What If? Getting long listed is a big achievement and every writer remembers the moment they heard the news. Sometimes, just pressing the button is enough: you hit the deadline and are in with a shot. The truth is someone has to win and unless you dare to enter you will never know.

However, it isn’t all about winning. Simply being acknowledged can create a whole new found confidence.

Pick your competition wisely and take heart from the fact you aren’t the only one working to get it right whilst the world is trying to distract you. Every word and sentence leads somewhere you’ve not been before.

You really are a winner for just trying.

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